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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Lucene on Windows
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:18:52 GMT

On Mar 8, 2006, at 3:53 PM, Charles Wunderlich wrote:
>> Again you've missed a key piece of the command-line... the actual
>> classname.
> Can you provide example so I can better understand? Knowing my
> configuration, what would be a valid command line for indexing a  
> folder
> (p:/files)?

In your second example, you did specify the command-line with the  
classname, so my apologies for not mentioning that in my last  
message.  However, you were using the command-line from "Lucene in  
Action" using its custom code but without actually providing the code  
from Lucene in Action in your classpath.

>> You are also apparently trying to run the demo that ships
>> with Lucene using a code example from "Lucene in Action" - these two
>> are completely separate.
> I really don't care about a demo, I just need to index and search  
> files
> for now. I'll have more time to learn more later.
> I downloaded Lucene from Please feel free to  
> educate
> me. I've searched several groups and found several people having  
> similar
> issues, but I couldn't find a solution.

Unfortunately Lucene isn't quite that deployable out of the box so  
easily.  The demo that comes with Lucene can provide a quick way to  
do what you're after, but it is not flexible and is not something  
you're likely to want to live with for very long.  However, since  
you're apparently new to Java and Lucene, the demo is perhaps your  
best bet to go with for starters.

Lucene in Action describes using the demo in great detail in Appendix  
A.  It seems from your previous message mentioning the book that you  
have it.  If so, follow the instructions in Appendix A exactly and  
you should be in business.  There are also instructions publicly  
available on Lucene's website:


Either should do the trick for your needs.

>> If you want to run the demo and have Lucene in Action, reference the
>> appendix that describes running it in great detail.  Also, be sure to
>> pay particular attention to the _exact_ command-lines provided.
> I need to:
> 1) Index thousands of files in sub directories (p:/files/1980,
> p:/files/1981,..., p:/files/2006). I expect this to take some time
> index.
> 2) Search indexed data via web front end that my programmer will  
> create.

Best wishes,

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