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From Antonello Provenzano <>
Subject Re: A proper port of Lucene to C#
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:53:55 GMT
Erik Hatcher ha scritto:

> Antonello,
> Welcome!
> On Jun 3, 2005, at 4:53 AM, Antonello Provenzano wrote:
>> I'm quite finishing the porting (a *proper* one) of the Apache  
>> Jakarta project Lucene.
> What version of Lucene did you port?  How can you ever be "finished"  
> since Lucene is continually evolving?

I'm porting the version 1.4.3. I'm a developer as you are: I know 
perfectly a software is always in-motion and cannot finish until it's 

>> I want to release the port project under APL
> Do you mean the ASL (Apache Software License)?

>> and would like it to be hosted and mantained: I have no time for  the 
>> development of the code.
> Well now that's a problem for bringing your code into Apache.  ASF is  
> about community over code.  We are not a dumping ground for  
> unmaintained code without a surrounding community.  Are there other  
> developers on your codebase?  Have you communicated with George  
> Aroush about combining efforts and producing a single top-quality C#  
> port?  George has begun, though currently stalled, the process of  
> bringing his C# port to the Apache Incubator.  Only if you can  
> nurture the code through this process and build a community around  
> the project will it be possible to bring it into Apache.

Ok... I pourposed the port to the #Dashboard community, being a Mono 
developer: they suggested me to pourpose it to the Lucene community too, 
saying you would be interested in hosting it.
Anyway, the #Dashboard developers would be interested in the development.
The implementation I downloaded and compared against is the dotLucene 
(used by #dashboard and beagle too): I was unable to find the source 
code for the George Aroush's Lucene.NET. Then, I contacted the author of 
the dotLucene project, for replacing his code with mine. I'm still 
waiting for an answer...
Anyway, I'm interested in contacting George, for pourposing him the 
code: I really have no time for the development of this project too, and 
would be a good solution to give him for the development.

>> I decided porting the project for commercial pourposes (needed to  
>> index millions of data entries), being the previous port of Lucene  
>> (dotLucene) not so good-looking and a little slow (for my needings).
> Again, I'm curious about the communication you had with the  
> developers of the other C# codebase(s).  Did you make improvements  
> known to them?
>     Erik

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