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From David Smiley <>
Subject Re: Solr, gradle build and working with files compiled into the source tree
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2019 21:15:00 GMT
It's a trade-off; let's acknowledge that the current system has its
benefits.  For example not needing to change to some other directory to run
Solr.  Some in-place changes (e.g. to bin/solr) are possible without
additional sync steps.  And at present the gradle assemble script will use
a target path with a version in the name which may make
docs/instructions/scripts and habits more susceptible to getting out of
date / being wrong.  That could be fixed easily though.

Thanks for doing "gradlew resolve".  "resolve" is not in my muscle memory;
"server" is, but seems similar.  Maybe some small changes could make
"graldew resolve" more straightforward.  Despite you and Erick not liking
it, I like that you've hid it away in one place and it doesn't look hideous
to me.  Any way there is no hurry on this matter; it doesn't block merging
or adopting the gradle build.

~ David Smiley
Apache Lucene/Solr Search Developer

On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 12:39 PM Dawid Weiss <> wrote:

> > I’d favor taking out the “resolve” task as well. Thanks for considering
> it,
> > but let’s keep things architecturally sound and add back complexity only
> > when necessary.
> That entire folder is meant to be discarded at some point. Let's allow
> it to sit there for a bit though,
> doesn't do any harm and we'll see how the transition goes.
> D.
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