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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: Renaming SolrCloud
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2019 16:04:04 GMT
+1 to adapting all our docs to make cluster mode the preferred/default and “hide” the standalone
use cases more. We could also redefine -c in start script to mean “cluster”?

Instead of getting rid of the SolrCloud term, why not strive for making Solr more “cloud
native”, and thus live up to the expectation new users may have? That may mean that we as
a project take ownership of our Docker images, help develop a k8s operator, etc.

Jan Høydahl

> 2. okt. 2019 kl. 06:24 skrev David Smiley <>:
> I hear you and sympathize but "SolrCloud" has been used long enough that I doubt the
trouble is worth it.  I guess that makes me "+0".  That said, I think it wouldn't hurt to
formalize "standalone mode" as-such and perhaps say more explicitly that SolrCloud == "cluster
mode" even if we don't eliminate SolrCloud terminology.
> And as SolrCloud ... errr... "cluster mode" I mean, gains in usage relative to "standalone
mode", perhaps we can reference SolrCloud less often and sorta assume that and instead make
exceptions in documentation to standalone mode specifics where we call that out as such. 
It's a loose idea; I'm don't have an example in mind.
> Similar to the above notion, maybe "CloudSolrClient" could be more invisible without
renaming it.  Imagine SolrClient.createFromZooKeeper() etc. static methods that instantiate
CloudSolrClient by default.  Just a thought.
> ~ David Smiley
> Apache Lucene/Solr Search Developer
>> On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 11:19 AM Shawn Heisey <> wrote:
>> On 9/30/2019 6:59 AM, Ishan Chattopadhyaya wrote:
>> > I propose that we rename SolrCloud mode to "cluster mode" such that
>> > there shall be "Apache Solr", running in either "standalone mode" or
>> > "cluster mode". We can effect this renaming 9.0 onwards, if we have
>> > consensus.
>> > 
>> > I am open to any other proposal as well, so long as we drop the "cloud" 
>> > in the name.
>> I see your point, but I think that "cloud" is so entrenched in the 
>> overall consciousness of the software that changing it will not be easy.
>> Maybe it might be something we could accomplish slowly, over the rest of 
>> 8.0's lifetime and the entire 9.0 lifetime.  Begin changing the 
>> terminology we use in communication, start shifting documentation and 
>> code, with a hard cutover in a later major version, perhaps 10.0 or 11.0.
>> The level of effort involved would be considerable, whether it happens 
>> quickly or slowly.  It might be the kind of thing we just don't want to 
>> try and do.
>> I'm not opposed to the idea, and I might even be able to help, but it's 
>> going to need a lot of buy-in from those of us who work on Solr.
>> Thanks,
>> Shawn
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