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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Need to upgrade jenkins jdk-11 jobs >= 11.0.3 to fix JVM SSL bugs
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2019 17:23:08 GMT

: sorry for the delay, I updated JDK on Policeman Jenkins. But there are 
: some things to mention:

Thanks Uwe, appreciate it

: If the SSL errors are really coming from this and Users have to install 
: 11.0.3 at minimum, we have to mention this in release notes and on the 
: web page. Especially we have to tell people to either pay Oracle to get 

Agreed -- this is being tracked in SOLR-12988, so we should probably keep 
discussion of what/where/how to inform users there -- but for now the 
priority is getting SSL testing re-enabled on jenkins jdk11 (w/11.0.3) 
since it's been silently disabled in the test code for the past 6 months 
... that way we'll have some sanity check that there aren't *OTHER* java11 
+ SSL bugs we haven't found yet, before we tell people "use 11.0.3"

: *	JDK 13-ea+26 was installed on Linux and Windows
: *	JDK-13-ea+shipilev-fastdebug (nightly) was updated to yesterday’s build) on Linux

Unfortunately on friday I discovered that a *new* bug slipped into 
13-ea+26, which garuntees SSL failures in jetty/solr (JDK-8226649) and 
still has no fix, so it looks like we need to skip SSL testing on all 
13-ea builds (even if they are current nightly builds of OpenJDK) for now.

BTW: I still don't really understand what "13-ea+shipilev-fastdebug" is -- 
can you elaborate on that?


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