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From Atri Sharma <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Reviving Open Relevance Project
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2019 16:00:19 GMT
Hi All,

In LUCENE-8841[1], the question of having a relevance benchmark which
allows measuring impact of changes to the relevance of common usecase
queries and guarding against unintentional regressions.

Adrien very kindly pointed out that Open Relevance project [2] is a
good candidate for that goal, and it would be a nice thing to revive
it and make it an updated and active suite (maybe with nightly
benchmarks on the lines of luceneutil?).

This thread is aimed at discussing the potential paths forward:

1) Do not revive the project.

2) Revive Open Relevance Project and make it a sub project of Lucene again

3) Revive Open Relevance Project and propose it as a generic
performance benchmark for Apache Software Foundation, not as a Lucene

If we go down the path of 2), I would suggest a working committee that
can ensure the continued health of the project, to ensure it does not
go down the way it did in 2014.

Please share your thoughts.





Apache Concerted

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