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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Call for help: moving from ant build to gradle
Date Tue, 07 May 2019 02:30:56 GMT
I finally got a go ahead from Uwe on Twitter, so looks like we can start in

Give me a day or two to get my experimentación branch in order and I’ll

Like I said, I grabbed Dat’s buildSrc module which has the forbidden apis
and project checkout checks.

Then I integrated in a way that you don’t have to move src or test resource
files - ideal in general, but also critical for keeping things up to date
during dev.

I also grabbed Palantirs versión consistency plugin that ensures consistent
version resolution across modules and has better version locking than
Gradle, with a root dependency/version lock file with one dependency per
line that gets written out.

I’m also almost done moving version specifications to a root properties
file as that plugin expects.

I’ve also disabled transitive dependencies and found a way to easily make
modules transitive in the face of that (fingers crossed)

I’ve also started adding some of the regenerate stuff, automata and what
not, still have to do jflex and do some testing.

Currently everything is building and tests are passing, but there is a bit
around dependencies and versioning I want to clean up before sharing for


- Mark

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