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From manish gupta <>
Subject Query on searchAfter API usage in IndexSearcher
Date Fri, 04 May 2018 13:11:27 GMT
Hi Team,

I am new to Lucene and I am trying to use Lucene for text search in my
project to achieve better results in terms of query performance.

Initially I was facing lot of GC issues while using lucene as I was using
search API and passing all the documents count. As my data size is around 4
billion the number of documents created by Lucene were huge. Internally
search API uses TopScoreDocCollector which internally creates a
PriorityQueue of given documents count thus causing lot of GC.

*To avoid this problem I am trying to query using a pagination way wherein
I am query only 10 documents at a time and after that I am using
seacrhAfter API to query further passing the lastScoreDoc from previous
result. This has resolved the GC problem but the query time has increased
by a huge margin from 3 sec to 600 sec.*

*When I debugged I found that even though I use the searchAfter API, it is
not avoiding the IO and every time it is reading the data from disk again.
It is only skipping the results filled in previous search. Is my
understanding correct?. If yes please let me know if there is a better way
to query the results in incremental order so as to avoid GC and with
minimal impact on query performance.*

Manish Gupta

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