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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Test failures are out of control......
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2018 00:55:30 GMT

: * Hoss has worked on aggregating all test failures from the 3 Jenkins
: systems (ASF, Policeman, and Steve's), downloading the test results & logs,
: and running some reports/stats on failures. He should be ready to share
: this more publicly soon.

I think Steve's linked to some of this before from jira comments, but it 
was only recently I realized i've never explicitly said to the list "Hey 
folks, here's a thing i've been working on" ...

The most interesting bit is probably here...

...but there are currently a few caveats:

1) there's some noise inthe '7days' data because I wasn't accounting for 
the way jenkins reports some types of failure -- that will gradually clean 
itself up

2) I think i've been been blocked by, so at the moment 
the data seems to just be from the sarowe & policeman jenkins failures.

3) allthough the system is archiving the past 7 days worth of jenkins logs 
for any jobs with failures, there is currently no easy way to download 
the relevant log(s) from that failure report -- you currently have to 
download a CSV file like this one to corrolate the test failures to the 
jenkins job, and then go look for that job in the job-data dirs...

(My hope is to make #3 trivial from failure-report.html -- so you can say 
"hey weird, this test has failed X times, let's go download those logs." 
right from a single screen in your browser)


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