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From AtulKumVerma <>
Subject [GitHub] lucene-solr pull request #267: can i provide index number manually with the ...
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2017 13:13:17 GMT
GitHub user AtulKumVerma opened a pull request:

    can i provide index number manually with the document

    can i provide index number manually with the document in the index writer

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull branch_7_1

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #267
commit 74b39aa3d6b150af05d68574b9c7f6fddf9e30f7
Author: Mike McCandless <>
Date:   2017-09-02T09:41:06Z

    LUCENE-7933: relax test to also pass on 32 bit JVMs

commit 4af0af4ee32c4813474a03935185254d708bcc0c
Author: Tommaso Teofili <>
Date:   2017-09-02T12:43:59Z

    LUCENE-7950 - fixed potential NPE when no docs have the class field
    (cherry picked from commit c2c2e8a)

commit 0f87ca5566083f9fd451938e16d2ef70b744bcfc
Author: David Smiley <>
Date:   2017-09-03T20:59:31Z

    SOLR-11242: QueryParser: re-use the LookaheadSuccess exception.
    (cherry picked from commit 3901a13)

commit f8906b6533bc2c3f4aebe48d3caa93a9634f6a31
Author: Shalin Shekhar Mangar <>
Date:   2017-09-04T04:12:56Z

    SOLR-11278: Disable frequently failing method with AwaitsFix
    (cherry picked from commit e782082)

commit 326bb2b1dd1b343303c79073631c56e741ac1ee7
Author: Joel Bernstein <>
Date:   2017-09-04T22:40:03Z

    SOLR-11321: Add ebeAdd, ebeSubtract, ebeDivide, ebeMultiply, dotProduct and cosineSimilarity
Stream Evaluators

commit bfbd2d508c3af68e9b89c4d07d08dde113a28241
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-04T22:58:31Z

    SOLR-10613: add flag to FunctionQParser to use FieldNameValueSource place holder when
encountering a field name

commit d3212da6e47a7cf7a3829e229e97bc3b0172d3ce
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-04T23:19:40Z

    SOLR-11322: omit val for min/max when no values in field for bucket

commit 741a987ef1cde02b4c623ab70a0cea8c3a787940
Author: Erick <>
Date:   2017-09-05T02:05:24Z

    commit 19ec48d8a22461fb5723d9e3b81e87a59f3337a3
    Author: Erick <>
    Date:   Mon Sep 4 19:00:12 2017 -0700
        SOLR-10101: TestLazyCores hangs
    (cherry picked from commit 5436395)

commit 331fa477207b6c22de17f6c777673b4da32e5516
Author: Steve Rowe <>
Date:   2017-09-05T14:00:03Z

    SOLR-11315: Finish the job of removing trie fields from the 'files' example schema

commit 7fabb47dc357d559ff391a1f6b60a1298d1e095c
Author: Mike McCandless <>
Date:   2017-09-05T14:13:58Z

    LUCENE-7891: use a non-buggy LRU cache in Lucene's taxonomy facets, by default

commit e0528f31dd0e52970fe74248cba67c15653ec515
Author: Steve Rowe <>
Date:   2017-09-05T14:22:20Z

    SOLR-11313: Finish the job of removing trie fields from the DIH example schemas

commit a4d63f34a4e6cbcec5daec10769b149c6d6c0ae3
Author: Cassandra Targett <>
Date:   2017-09-01T17:22:49Z

    Ref Guide: update ref guide readme for better explanation of build dependencies and targets

commit 1ecc0344ef45571bf8aaf84c8a37e8d18e17a0c2
Author: Cassandra Targett <>
Date:   2017-09-05T14:35:45Z

    SOLR-9526: Update Ref Guide for schemaless changes

commit 88eefec0f7e8afd713b64a653e0428f312707755
Author: Steve Rowe <>
Date:   2017-09-05T15:14:53Z

    SOLR-11324: Clean up mention of trie fields in documentation and source comments

commit df1d09de2c92c426c3a57eb345d97651301e6677
Author: Cassandra Targett <>
Date:   2017-09-05T15:37:35Z

    SOLR-11305: finish clean up of Trie* fields in docs

commit 61a48f0295ed461449db56123e5314947110c072
Author: Adrien Grand <>
Date:   2017-09-05T16:34:05Z

    LUCENE-7956: Fixed potential stack overflow error in ICUNormalizer2CharFilter.

commit 67edca5749bbf42ab028808425d9d80d97890f54
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-05T17:33:08Z

    SOLR-11317: min/max aggs use integral values for integral fields

commit 351ef8b48ec23a11ba5e889c1473eb90859cdfaa
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-05T18:00:59Z

    SOLR-11317: tests - disable failing TestSQLHandler

commit 34d146590901e6805432ff844612c7ee0125ca52
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-05T18:14:19Z

    SOLR-11317: change FacetStream to handle int/long as well as double for metrics

commit 60e6ccae1be31c2583d63bfe38522b91d7872338
Author: Adrien Grand <>
Date:   2017-09-05T19:17:03Z

    LUCENE-7956: Remove unrelated changes.

commit d8a5d6cc3a78fef532c9161b29a27cfc609f7bf5
Author: Adrien Grand <>
Date:   2017-09-05T19:21:51Z

    LUCENE-7956: Make the start offset of codePointBefore explicit.

commit 2ed11fcc9d1226b9917f99aceea2a8b95216d925
Author: yonik <>
Date:   2017-09-05T20:06:41Z

    SOLR-11316: date support for min/max, fix missing bug for int/long fields

commit e18532cb687cee58472546112acb54c6a0e9c171
Author: Robert Muir <>
Date:   2017-09-05T22:45:22Z

    LUCENE-7940: Bengali Analyzer for Lucene
    Closes #238

commit c63f7dd06e2aebe7b859b6a314b7f0be8b398d78
Author: Robert Muir <>
Date:   2017-09-05T22:48:12Z

    LUCENE-7940: add CHANGES entry

commit 14d54a9dda91aaa2cbc2043485633f4e6c28772b
Author: Joel Bernstein <>
Date:   2017-09-06T15:02:24Z

    SOLR-11241: Add discrete counting and probability Stream Evaluators

commit 686948aa1813eed2c392936bec21f1c45fbb0219
Author: Joel Bernstein <>
Date:   2017-09-06T15:31:42Z

    SOLR-11241: Fix precommit

commit 1ee488e194fb825081a16146507dfaccce5e7f67
Author: Mark Miller <>
Date:   2017-09-07T03:33:12Z

    SOLR-10783 Add support for Hadoop Credential Provider as SSL/TLS store password source.

commit 4d376c2212caed31909aa473d6aecf64780ea2fe
Author: Varun Thacker <>
Date:   2017-09-07T05:15:13Z

    Update DOAP files with 6.6.1 release

commit bf7002c48b32041cfad66b5ac15556afcc09c08f
Author: Noble Paul <>
Date:   2017-09-07T07:55:08Z

    collection api documentation

commit a63c5675bbbd45604025b72149250cee8bb8a254
Author: Christine Poerschke <>
Date:   2017-09-07T10:56:45Z

    SOLR-10783: add (partial) to fix precommit



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