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From David Smiley <>
Subject SolrJ 6.2 now depends on Google-Guava and Jackson WTF?!
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 20:24:55 GMT
I was updating a project of mine today from SolrJ 6.0.0 to 6.2.1 and ran
into a classpath incompatibility problem pertaining to Guava.  I execute
"mvn dependency:tree" to see what's going on and I see a huge WTF -- SolrJ
depends on Guava!  Since when?!  6.2.0 apparently and in this issue --    Oh wow it depends on
Jackson now too!

Sorry, this is not okay and I feel strongly about this.  Very deliberate
care should be taken to our SolrJ dependencies since they are used in many
environments, and dependencies there add a burden on anyone using Solr.
 **Adding SolrJ dependencies should be announced**; either in their own
issue with appropriate title or noted in the dev list (not a JIRA issue) so
as to be noticed.  Can we agree to do this from now on?

Fortunately, it *appears* that the usage is pretty minimal?  Greg Chanan /
Steve Rowe, it appears the Guava dependency is just a couple import
statements for annotations.  Is that it?  I manually excluded guava from my
SolrJ dependency in the pom.xml along with things like Woodstox which I
always exclude.  I'm not sure yet about the scope of Jackson; we haven't
needed that to date as we've got Noggit.

~ David
Lucene/Solr Search Committer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Speaker
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