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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject post-branch_6x Jira version renaming(s) got overlooked?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2016 22:40:39 GMT

I just noticed that most of the (older) jira's listed in 6.0's CHANGES.txt 
files are still showing up in Jira as being fixed in "master"


Only some of the more recent issues, that were resolved after branch_6x / 
(and/or branch_6_0) was created, thus people deliberately backported 
and deliberately marked them as fixed in 6.0 have the newer "6.0" fix 

my recollection is that part of the release process for creating a new X.0 
release is to rename the "master" version in Jira to "X.0" and re-add a 
new "master" version -- but it looks like that never happened for 6.0 (is 
it not documented as part of the release process?) and insstead entirely 
new "6.0" jira versions were added.

In any case: it seems like we now need to bulk edit *most* of the 
issues currently labeled "Fixed: master" in both the LUCENE and SOLR jira 
projects, so they are "Fixed: 6.0" (i say *most* because obviously we'll 
need to audit the issues resolved & committed only to master after the 
6x branch was created and leave them alone) .. sound right?

(we probably shouldn't remove/replace the existing "6.0" versions in 
Jira, because we already have issues marked as "Affects: 6.0")

Or am i completley missunderstanding the situation?


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