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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Lucene/Solr git mirror will soon turn off
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 20:57:39 GMT
Hello devs,

The infra team has notified us (Lucene/Solr) that in 26 days our
git-svn mirror will be turned off, because running it consumes too
many system resources, affecting other projects, apparently because of
a memory leak in git-svn.

Does anyone know of a link to this git-svn issue?  Is it a known
issue?  If there's something simple we can do (remove old jars from
our svn history, remove old branches), maybe we can sidestep the issue
and infra will allow it to keep running?

Or maybe someone in the Lucene/Solr dev community with prior
experience with git-svn could volunteer to play with it to see if
there's a viable solution, maybe with command-line options e.g. to
only mirror specific branches (trunk, 5.x)?

Or maybe it's time for us to switch to git, but there are problems
there too, e.g. we are currently missing large parts of our svn
history from the mirror now and it's not clear whether that would be
fixed if we switched:  Also, because we
used to add JAR files to svn, the "git clone" would likely take
several GBs unless we remove those JARs from our history.

Or if anyone has any other ideas, we should explore them, because
otherwise in 26 days there will be no more updates to the git mirror
of Lucene and Solr sources...


Mike McCandless

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