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From "Vanlerberghe, Luc" <>
Subject Fixed: Bug in solr.core TrieField (testcase provided as well)
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2015 12:41:43 GMT
I came across the following bug in the Solr atomic update code a few weeks ago:
As soon as a document has a date in a multivalued tdate field, it is impossible to do atomic
updates on any of the other fields.

I found a bug report in jira describing the exact same issue, so instead of creating a new
one I attached a testcase demonstrating the bug, a workaround and later the fix for the bug
to the existing one.

Unfortunately, the original report mistakenly does not classify it as a solr core issue, but
a java client one, which is probably why no committer even acknowledged the existence of the

I'm talking about "Partial update on document
with multivalued date field fails"
The pull request in there contains three commits (for trunk):

-          A testcase demonstrating the bug

-          A testcase demonstrating a workaround (providing the tdate values again so solr
doesn't have to try to reconstruct the existing ones)

-          A fix

I ran all testcases after applying the fix and they all passed (except for an unrelated file
access issue, probably because I'm using Windows)

I'm running the fixed version for solr-5.1.0 in a test environment for a while now and I'm
pretty confident it's ok.

Could anyone with sufficient karma please take a look?



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