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From Ted Cao <>
Subject reporting a possible bug with solr 4.5 -- autocommit doesn't work with nrtMode=false
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2015 17:20:58 GMT
This may not be an issue with most people but here is my finding and way of
reproducing this:

Download 4.5 solr, using the collections1 sample, turn on 15 seconds auto
commit (with or without transaction logs) on with <nrtMode>true</nrtMode>
which is default, update/add to solr constantly every second for 3 minutes,
hard crash and bring solr back up, everything works perfectly with no data
loss. Now turn nrtMode (near real time mode) = false, and do the same test,
you will find data loss, data are not consistently written to disk, I lose
lots of adds/updates.

I read from this ticket
that nrtMode was really mainly for testing and removed in later version
(unlike in the comments where it said it should be false in master/slave),
so I assume nrtMode should always be true, even with a write only master
with autocommit turned on

1) is the "bug"/"behavior" I am reporting plausible? It's very easy to
reproduce as I noted above
2) Is it OK to always set nrtMode=true in solr 4.5, what other negative
consequence could there be?

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