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From Gregory Chanan <>
Subject Managed Schema and SolrCloud
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 00:06:03 GMT
I'm trying to determine if the Managed Schema functionality works with
SolrCloud, and AFAICT the integration seems pretty limited.

The issue I'm running into is variants of the issue that schema changes are
not pushed to all shards/replicas synchronously.  So, for example, I can
make the following two requests:
1) add a field to the collection on server1 using the Schema API
2) add a document with the new field, the document is routed to a core on

Then, there appears to be a race between when the document is processed by
the core on server2 and when the core on server2, via the
ZkIndexSchemaReader, gets the new schema.  If the document is processed
first, I get a 400 error because the field doesn't exist.  This is easily
reproducible by adding a sleep to the ZkIndexSchemaReader's processing.

I hit a similar issue with Schemaless: the distributed request handler
sends out the document updates, but there is no guarantee that the other
shards/replicas see the schema changes made by the update.chain.

Is my understanding correct?  Is this expected?


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