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From ilay raja <>
Subject Solr cloud (4.6.0) instances going down
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 10:44:51 GMT

  I have deployed solr cloud with external zookeeper ensemble (5
instances). I am running solr instances on two servers with single shard
index. There are 6 replicas. I often see solr going down during high search
load (or) whenever i run indexing documents. I tried tuning hardcommit
(kept as 15 mins) and softcommits(12 mins). Also, set zkClientTimeout as 30
secs. I observed sometimes OOM, Socket exceptions., EOF exceptions in solr
logs while the instance is going down. Also, zookeeper recovery for the
solr instance is going in loop .... My use case is sort of high search (100
queries per sec) / heavy indexing (10 K docs per minute). What is the best
way to keep stable solr cloud isntances with external ensemble. Should we
try running zookeeper internally, because looks like zookeeper handshaking
might be an issue as well. Is solr cloud stable for production ? or there
are open issues still. Please guide me.

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