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From "David Smiley (" <>
Subject Re: VOTE: solr no longer webapp
Date Sun, 05 May 2013 03:37:40 GMT
I feel the same as Shawn; I was quite skeptical until the reasons were
finally given.  And I agree that the war file distribution needs to stick
around longer.  That's a big deal from a user perspective; not something to
happen in a point release.  To be clear, I think a change like this should
happen no sooner than 5.0.

+1 on 5.0
-0 on 4.x

~ David

Shawn Heisey-4 wrote
> On 5/4/2013 2:42 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
>> * super simple improvements, like not having to name space sys props to
>> solr.
>> * releasing an app that is tested and works - already things have come up
>> where something works in jetty and not tomcat and many users struggle
>> with all kinds of problems trying to shove solr into weblogic or other
>> containers. lets get all our users on one set of bits that we ship, not
>> some wonderland of combinations that we don't control - there are real
>> benefits to this!
>> * Deal with SLF4j in a nice way that doesn't cause Robert to claim we
>> broke the war.
>> * what if Solr was actually two processes and not one? what if there was
>> an agent that could start and stop solr? stop and start your cluster with
>> a single command? update your cluster automatically by kicking off a
>> command? The agent could restart Solr? What if things like heap size
>> could live in ZK and out of the box you just had to configure that stuff
>> in one spot? Shouldn't you be able to configure all of Solr rather than
>> rely on users cmd line arguments?
>> * webapps cannot tell what port they are running on except within a
>> request…yuck.
>> * shouldn't we be able to use specific features and improvements that not
>> all containers support? Shouldn't we be able to plug and play the
>> underlying http layer technology?
>> * shouldn't we be able to try and use embedded jetty and its nice
>> integration with guice+restlet? Check out using netty?
>> * why should we ship advertising a format that begs running other apps in
>> the same Solr process! This is a terrible idea for a search engine.
> Those are awesome reasons to switch.  I thought there might be some, and
> now I've seen enough of them to change my vote:
> +1
> If a .war build option is still available for a while, then I think we'd
> be covered.
> I really like the idea of Solr being two processes, as long as it is
> clean and cross-platform.  Does Java support starting another instance
> of the JVM in a "direct" manner, or would it be a case of calling the
> executable with commandline options?
> Thanks,
> Shawn
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