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From Robert Muir <>
Subject refactoring HowToContribute
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 16:30:35 GMT
Hello everyone,

Looking at HowToContribute, i think its almost as overwhelming as

If we don't simplify it, then we need to add number of beers to get thru
all the steps...

I think we should:
1. have simple lean and mean barebones instructions for contribution
2. have separate "developer tips" with all kinds of additional information
(e.g. regenerating jflex grammars or tweaking ivy settings or whatever)
3. consolidate these things across Lucene and Solr: unlike the rest of the
wiki, as far as development its one project

I tried to do the first two (see and If you disagree, just
revert my changes.
I'm not sure how we should structure the third.

Also, separately, i tried to make a even more barebones list of steps if
someone is using git and eclipse (i figured this was a common
I'm not sure what we should do with this or link it in, but i think
ultimately this is as simple as our contribution how-to process should be.

I'm not happy with the current HowToContribute that is this complicated
process with lots of conditionals (if you are using SVN, else GIT, if you
are using Eclipse, Intellij, if you are using Ant, Git, blah blah blah). I
think it makes it too hard to follow.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on simplifying this.

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