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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: lost entries in trunk/lecene/CHANGES.txt
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 09:59:22 GMT


I checked a little bit in the commit logs what was going on. From what I can reconstruct:

-          James Dyer did not use SVN merging to 4.x, he copied the whole file into the 4.x
folder, this explains why the 5.0 changes entries suddenly appeared in the 4.x brach (which
I removed yesterday). James seems to never merge his changes between branches, he applies
patch several times or just copies files.

-          The commit where the entries got lost, that Doron restored an hour ago, seems to
have copied an older version of the CHANGES.txt file over the newer version in SVN. This should
be impossible with SVN, unless you “svn up” your current Working directory and fix the
conflicts by telling SVN to use the older modified (“your”) version instead of doing 3-way-merge.
One should use 3-way-merge to do this (e.g. with TortoiseSVN or Subclipse or by hand, arrgh
J). It looks like James created the patch with an older SVN checkout but failed to merge the


James: Can you in the future please use “svn merge” (or the corresponding workflow in
your GUI) to merge the changes between branches. This merge adds special “properties”
to the SVN log, so one can find out which patches were merged between branches. E.g. TortoiseSVN
or Subclipse show those in a different color in the commit log which helps immense if you
are about to merge some changes. If you need some help with merging correctly, read
or just ask me.





Uwe Schindler

H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen




From: Uwe Schindler [] 
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 10:15 AM
Subject: RE: lost entries in trunk/lecene/CHANGES.txt


They were partly (but in a different way also missing in 4.x). I synced the part from version
4.1 down to version 0 with trunk. 3 entries were missing. Trunk now only has 5.0 as additional
section, remaining stuff is identical.



Uwe Schindler

H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen <> 



From: Doron Cohen [] 
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 9:30 AM
Subject: lost entries in trunk/lecene/CHANGES.txt


Hi, seems some entries were lost when committing LUCENE-4585 (Spatial PrefixTree based Strategies). <>
I think I'll just add them back...

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