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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject SolrCloud and not all shards having an instance, indexing still works (kinda).
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2012 16:05:03 GMT
Sorry, I'm a bit under the gun so can't look over JIRAs as carefully as I'd
like. But this seems odd.

Start a 2-shard SolrCloud setup, with (straight from the example)
java -Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/collection1/conf
-Dcollection.configName=myconf -DzkRun -DnumShards=2 -jar start.jar

DO NOT start any other instances.

Now go to exampleDocs and index everything. I see a lot of output like:
POSTing file money.xml
SimplePostTool: WARNING: Solr returned an error #503 Service Unavailable
SimplePostTool: WARNING: IOException while reading response: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:

which is fine, half my cluster isn't there..

Trying to query on the collection returns errors, also fine.

What's surprising is that when I look at the admin page for the collection,
it shows 9 documents successfully indexed.

If I shut down the cloud instance and started a plain old (not SolrCloud)
instance, there were 9 documents in my index.

Is this intended behavior or should I raise a JIRA?


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