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From Eirik Lygre <>
Subject Re: Patch for SOLR-3926: A better way to get current sort information from solrj.SolrQuery
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 14:23:04 GMT
On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 11:41 AM, Eirik Lygre <> wrote:

>   // Functional, symbolic api. Changes are serialized immediately
>   Map<String, ORDER> getSort()  // Returns immmutable, ordered map
>   setSort(LinkedHashMap<S,O>);
>   addSort(String, ORDER);
>   removeSort();
>   removeSort(String);
> So, a couple of questions out of this:
> - Do we want to maintain backward compatibility  i.e. the use case with
> setting the string and then manipulating it?
> - Is there a clear point for serialization, so that we can serialize "at
> the end" only?

Two comments for the api:

1) There is a use case that might be fairly common, in which first a number
of sorts are set, and then the user wants to change the direction of that
sort. Presumably this happens over time, and over several user
interactions, but it would probably look like this:

q.addSort ("a", ASC).addSort("b", ASC).addSort("c", ASC);
// Now change the sort order of a, while maintaining a as the first field
in the sort list
q.setSort("a", DESC); // Don't like; setSort() feels like it should remove
q.toggleSort("a"); // Works, but I'd prefer an api where I decide the
direction (e.g. not toggle)
q.toggleSort("a", DESC) // Works, but the word toggle is not really good
q.changeSort("a", DESC); // Works, though it is not clear what to do if "a"
is not already in the sort list
q.changeOrAddSort("a", DESC); // This is my preferred semantics, but what
about the method name?
q.setSort(new LinkedHashMap(q.getSort())

2) Also, I'm not sure I like the method name "removeSort()" to remove all.
Either "removeAllSorts()" or "clearSort()", with a preference to the latter
(it matches "clear()" which is used to clear the entire

// Functional, symbolic api. Changes are serialized immediately
Map<String, ORDER> getSort()  // Returns immutable, ordered map
addSort(String, ORDER);
changeOrAddSort (String, ORDER)


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