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From "" <>
Subject BooleanFilter MUST clauses and getDocIdSet(acceptDocs)
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 19:23:27 GMT
I am about to write a Filter that only operates on a set of documents that
have already passed other filter(s).  It's rather expensive, since it has
to use DocValues to examine a value and then determine if its a match.  So
it scales O(n) where n is the number of documents it must see.  The 2nd arg
of getDocIdSet is Bits acceptDocs.  Unfortunately Bits doesn't have an int
iterator but I can deal with that seeing if it extends DocIdSet.

I'm looking at BooleanFilter which I want to use and I notice that it
passes null to filter.getDocIdSet for acceptDocs, and it justifies this
with the following comment:
// we dont pass acceptDocs, we will filter at the end using an additional
Uwe wrote this comment in relation to LUCENE-1536 (r1188624).
For the MUST clause loop, couldn't it give it the accumulated bits of the
MUST clauses?

~ David

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