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From Steve Molloy <>
Subject Pivot facets enhancements
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 23:07:14 GMT
Hi, I'm currently working on a project based on solr 4.0 which relies on facet pivot to populate
a treemap visualization. We've been able to get something in place, but will now need to move
further. We first need to distribute that request, for which I've seen and locally applied
the existing patch and it seems to work ok for our needs. But while in the code, I also added
2 features that will be helpful for us and which we would be willing to contribute back if
it makes sense. 

So before sending any code (which I need to cleanup anyhow), I'll describe the changes.

First, for any field in the facet pivot, I've added the possibility to add a query (through
f.field.facet.povot.query) that would compute the the count for the intersection between the
query and the document set matching a particular value. We're planning on using this to produce
the count for the overlay coloring in the treemap. It seems to work fine and is actually more
efficient than having a third level of pivot. 

The second thing is a deduplication flag. This is mostly for our case where the second level
is a document path, which is stored using the pathhierarchytokeniser. So to avoid documents
from being counted for every folder in its path (which we do want at query time) but not have
to store a separate field (to reduce index size). 

So, if these features are of interest, I will send more details and code once I've cleaned
it up.


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