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From Radim Kolar <>
Subject Re: pro coding style
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 00:59:33 GMT

>> what you should do:
>> * stuff i do
>>     +
>> * ant -> maven
> I suggest you start with this, make sure you have enough time and
> energy for the discussion.
I dont have either, if i decide to go with SOLR instead of EC, i will 
fork it. It will save me lot of time.

>> * svn -> git (way better tools)
> I think we had this discussion already and it seems that lots of folks
> are positive, yet there is still some barrier infrasturcuture wise
> along the lines.
dont blame infrastructure, other apache projects are using it.

>> * split code into small manageable maven modules
> see above - we have a fully functional maven build but ant is out
> primary build.
i dont see pom.xml in your source tree.
> good point - can you refere us some, in my experience they are pretty
> hard to find.
i do not know people who believe that process designed to be slow is a 
good process. We here believe that fast process = high salary.

> * use github to track patches
> wait why is github good for patches?
you can track patch revisions and apply/browse/comment it easily. Also 
its way easier to upload it and do pull request then attach to ticket in 

> * use springs for integration testing
> sorry we are a no-dependency library.

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