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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: [JENKINS] Lucene-trunk-Linux-Java7-64-test-only - Build # 10035 - Failure!
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 17:59:10 GMT
On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Dawid Weiss
<> wrote:
>> java7). I even tried tacking on -Dtests.jvms=1 -Dtests.dups=20 in case
>> its a testrunner leak (this one makes lots of threads).
> Shouldn't be the runner's problem anymore (I fixed the previous
> issue). Although proving me wrong by showing an example (heapdump)
> will make me change my opinion of course ;)

Curiously ... the other OOME (repros easily for me: "ant test
-Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter -Dtests.method=testRotatingFieldNames
-Dtests.seed=38ACAB42219DC17B -Dtests.slow=true -Dtests.locale=ar_LY
-Dtests.timezone=Atlantic/Faroe -Dtests.file.encoding=UTF-8") repros
if I use randomized runner but not if I use JUnit's runner.

But in the heap dump nothing stands out from randomized runner ... I
see lots of stuff in BlockTermsWriter that I'll fix ...

Still, it's spooky, because I don't think anything has changed in this
test or in BlockTermsWriter ... so they didn't provoke OOMEs before
but now they do ... so I think something else is holding onto RAM.  Or
maybe we just hadn't hit the magical seed in the past ... just seems
like suddenly we're getting many OOMEs.

Mike McCandless

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