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From Amit Nithian <>
Subject SolrIndexSearcher and PostFilter questions/suggestions
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 00:16:01 GMT
Hi all,.

I was working on implementing a custom PostFilter based on Mikhail's
response to one of my questions and this looks like a new and *very
very* awesome feature that, if no one else does, I plan to blog and
talk about at the next meetup if possible (at least my limited
understanding of it).

However, in so doing this, I had to read the code and figure out how
to get everything to hook up properly which led me to some (mostly
design/style) questions:

1) In the SolrIndexSearcher, why are the notCached and postFilter
lists of type Query and not ExtendedQuery, likewise for the
Comparator. I see a lot of type casting between Query and
ExtendedQuery which simply having this be defined using the
ExtendedQuery type would solve. Granted there would be a forced
casting from ExtendedQuery to Query later in the method but it's
tolerable since the method signatures require Query and ExtendedQuery
doesn't inherit from Query.

2) In the ExtendedQuery interface, change getCache() to isCached() to
keep consistent with the Java beans method naming convention

3) Make "100" a constant in the ExtendedQuery to avoid hardcoding this
number and allow for future changes to this notion of "expensive"

4) In the SolrIndexSearcher, it's a bit confusing to me that a "cheap"
(cost < 100) PostFilter implementation won't get added to the list of
postFilters which made it somewhat misleading as to the reason to
implement the PostFilter interface since the delegating collector (the
core aspect of this feature) won't get called. What would be the
downside to saying if(cost >= 100 OR  instanceof PostFilter) then add
to postFilters list?

As always, I am more than willing to make a patch for any and all of
these suggestions but before I go doing that (and thus creating a
dependency on a custom built version of Solr as opposed to a standard
build), I wanted to ask these first.


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