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From Greg Bowyer <>
Subject Solr ResponseBuilder and totalHitCount
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 18:52:15 GMT
Hi all, I have been off the radar for too long

I am working on a requirement at $DAYJOB where there is a desire to
monitor the rate of low and zero result queries, as such I did the
simplest thing I could think of and wrote a search component that looks
through the response object in the later phases of a distributed request.

As I was doing this it struck me how inconsistent it is to find the
"total number of hits" for a given search query, even if the response is
manipulated heavily after the fact shouldn't we make it easier for
people writing things like search components / transformers etc to find
out how many matches they had ?

This is where I started to wonder if it makes sense to hide / elide the
original usage of totalHitCount as part of grouping, and use this field
for presenting some sensible number of matches for the query; I know
that this might break backwards compat with people who look at this
field, but then I figure it is very ambiguously named so many naive
users are likely to use this field not realizing that it is all about

I am probably going to craft a patch to this end, unless someone has any
intuition that I am missing here

-- Greg

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