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Subject Build failed in Jenkins: slow-io-beasting #3090
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2012 05:37:31 GMT
See <>

[...truncated 2472 lines...]
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J0 | TestCompoundFile.testSingleFile
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 3.06s, 18 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestNRTReaderWithThreads
[junit4:junit4] OK      1.56s J2 | TestNRTReaderWithThreads.testIndexing
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 1.57s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestCrashCausesCorruptIndex
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.22s J2 | TestCrashCausesCorruptIndex.testCrashCorruptsIndexing
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.27s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.25s J1 | TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.testDeleteMerging
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.48s J1 | TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.testNoWaitClose
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.38s J1 | TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.testNoExtraFiles
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.09s J1 | TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.testFlushExceptions
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 1.21s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestStressAdvance
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.39s J2 | TestStressAdvance.testStressAdvance
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.41s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.Test2BDocs
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | Test2BDocs.testOverflow
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.62s J3 | Test2BDocs.testExactlyAtLimit
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 1.26s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestConsistentFieldNumbers
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.08s J0 | TestConsistentFieldNumbers.testAddIndexes
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.06s J0 | TestConsistentFieldNumbers.testSameFieldNumbersAcrossSegments
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.05s J0 | TestConsistentFieldNumbers.testManyFields
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.86s J0 | TestConsistentFieldNumbers.testFieldNumberGaps
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 1.06s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestRollingUpdates
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.94s J1 | TestRollingUpdates.testUpdateSameDoc
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.23s J1 | TestRollingUpdates.testRollingUpdates
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 1.18s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriterOnDiskFull
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J0 | TestIndexWriterOnDiskFull.testAddDocumentOnDiskFull
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestIndexWriterOnDiskFull.testImmediateDiskFull
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J0 | TestIndexWriterOnDiskFull.testCorruptionAfterDiskFullDuringMerge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.54s J0 | TestIndexWriterOnDiskFull.testAddIndexOnDiskFull
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.62s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestSegmentReader
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.13s J2 | TestSegmentReader.test
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.19s J2 | TestSegmentReader.testDocument
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J2 | TestSegmentReader.testGetFieldNameVariations
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.26s J2 | TestSegmentReader.testTerms
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J2 | TestSegmentReader.testNorms
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J2 | TestSegmentReader.testTermVectors
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.95s, 6 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestMaxTermFrequency
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.36s J0 | TestMaxTermFrequency.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.37s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestStressIndexing2
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.30s J1 | TestStressIndexing2.testMultiConfig
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J1 | TestStressIndexing2.testRandomIWReader
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J1 | TestStressIndexing2.testRandom
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.52s, 3 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestCodecs
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestCodecs.testFixedPostings
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J3 | TestCodecs.testSepPositionAfterMerge
[junit4:junit4] OK      1.40s J3 | TestCodecs.testRandomPostings
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 1.43s, 3 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestCrash
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.06s J2 | TestCrash.testCrashAfterClose
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.20s J2 | TestCrash.testCrashAfterCloseNoWait
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J2 | TestCrash.testCrashWhileIndexing
[junit4:junit4]   1> TEST: initIndex
[junit4:junit4]   1> TEST: done initIndex
[junit4:junit4]   1> TEST: now crash
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J2 | TestCrash.testWriterAfterCrash
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.25s J2 | TestCrash.testCrashAfterReopen
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.67s, 5 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestForceMergeForever
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.13s J3 | TestForceMergeForever.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.14s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.testAnyChanges
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.testClear
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.08s J2 | TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.testStressDeleteQueue
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.testUpdateDelteSlices
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.testPartiallyAppliedGlobalSlice
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.11s, 5 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestTermsEnum2
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.13s J1 | TestTermsEnum2.testFiniteVersusInfinite
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J1 | TestTermsEnum2.testSeekingAndNexting
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J1 | TestTermsEnum2.testSeeking
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.11s J1 | TestTermsEnum2.testIntersect
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.33s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestDoc
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.48s J0 | TestDoc.testIndexAndMerge
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.55s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestForTooMuchCloning
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.17s J2 | TestForTooMuchCloning.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.19s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestSizeBoundedForceMerge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testAllSegmentsLarge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testSingleMergeableSegment
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testOneLargeOneSmall
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testAllSegmentsSmall
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testLastSegmentTooLarge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testSingleMergeableTooLargeSegment
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testSingleNonMergeableSegment
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testMergeFactor
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testByteSizeLimit
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testFirstSegmentTooLarge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestSizeBoundedForceMerge.testNumDocsLimit
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.06s, 11 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestTermVectorsWriter
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testNoTermVectorAfterTermVectorMerge
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.06s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testDoubleOffsetCounting
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionStandardEmptyField
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionStandard
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testNoTermVectorAfterTermVector
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.06s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionStandardEmptyField2
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testDoubleOffsetCounting2
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionWithCachingTokenFilter
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testTermVectorCorruption3
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionCharAnalyzer
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.08s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testTermVectorCorruption
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.07s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testTermVectorCorruption2
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestTermVectorsWriter.testEndOffsetPositionStopFilter
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.37s, 13 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestCheckIndex
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestCheckIndex.testBogusTermVectors
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestCheckIndex.testLuceneConstantVersion
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.03s J0 | TestCheckIndex.testDeletedDocs
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.03s, 3 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestSumDocFreq
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.10s J1 | TestSumDocFreq.testSumDocFreq
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.10s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestDocCount
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.05s J2 | TestDocCount.testSimple
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.05s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestUniqueTermCount
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.14s J3 | TestUniqueTermCount.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.16s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestBinaryTerms
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.08s J0 | TestBinaryTerms.testBinary
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.11s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestParallelReaderEmptyIndex
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J1 | TestParallelReaderEmptyIndex.testEmptyIndexWithVectors
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J1 | TestParallelReaderEmptyIndex.testEmptyIndex
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.05s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexFileDeleter
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J2 | TestIndexFileDeleter.testDeleteLeftoverFiles
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.03s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestNoDeletionPolicy
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.09s J3 | TestNoDeletionPolicy.testAllCommitsRemain
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoDeletionPolicy.testNoDeletionPolicy
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoDeletionPolicy.testMethodsOverridden
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoDeletionPolicy.testFinalSingleton
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.11s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.Test2BPostings
[junit4:junit4] IGNOR/A 0.02s J0 | Test2BPostings.test
[junit4:junit4]    > Assumption #1: 'nightly' test group is disabled (@Nightly)
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.03s, 1 test, 1 skipped
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestParallelTermEnum
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J2 | TestParallelTermEnum.test1
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.02s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestFilterAtomicReader
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestFilterAtomicReader.testOverrideMethods
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.08s J1 | TestFilterAtomicReader.testFilterIndexReader
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.09s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestSameTokenSamePosition
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J3 | TestSameTokenSamePosition.testMoreDocs
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestSameTokenSamePosition.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.03s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestNoMergePolicy
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J0 | TestNoMergePolicy.testCompoundFiles
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestNoMergePolicy.testNoMergePolicy
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestNoMergePolicy.testMethodsOverridden
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J0 | TestNoMergePolicy.testFinalSingleton
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.02s, 4 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriterLockRelease
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J1 | TestIndexWriterLockRelease.testIndexWriterLockRelease
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.02s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestFieldInfos
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestFieldInfos.testReadOnly
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestFieldInfos.test
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.02s, 2 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestNoMergeScheduler
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoMergeScheduler.testFinalSingleton
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoMergeScheduler.testNoMergeScheduler
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J3 | TestNoMergeScheduler.testMethodsOverridden
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J3 in 0.02s, 3 tests
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexCommit
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.02s J0 | TestIndexCommit.testEqualsHashCode
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J0 in 0.02s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestTerm
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J2 | TestTerm.testEquals
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J2 in 0.00s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Suite: org.apache.lucene.index.TestTermdocPerf
[junit4:junit4] OK      0.00s J1 | TestTermdocPerf.testTermDocPerf
[junit4:junit4] Completed on J1 in 0.02s, 1 test
[junit4:junit4] Tests with failures:
[junit4:junit4]   - org.apache.lucene.index.TestIndexWriter.testThreadInterruptDeadlock
[junit4:junit4] JVM J0:     0.92 ..    48.35 =    47.43s
[junit4:junit4] JVM J1:     0.92 ..    48.38 =    47.46s
[junit4:junit4] JVM J2:     0.92 ..    48.38 =    47.46s
[junit4:junit4] JVM J3:     0.92 ..    48.34 =    47.42s
[junit4:junit4] Execution time total: 48 seconds
[junit4:junit4] Tests summary: 115 suites, 587 tests, 1 error, 6 ignored (5 assumptions)

<>:49: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
There were test failures: 115 suites, 587 tests, 1 error, 6 ignored (5 assumptions)

Total time: 57 seconds
Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure

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