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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: solrconfig issue: wiki doc says update log feature is not enabled by default
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 17:28:41 GMT

: The wiki doc for updateLog says that this feature is “not enabled by default”
: when in fact it is enabled by default in the example solrconfig.xml for Solr
: 4.0-BETA.
: The question is whether the example is wrong or the doc is wrong. All I know
: is that they do not match.

The wiki is correct, the example is also correct.

There is a differnce between solr's "default" behavior and the example 
configs.  Some things are listed in the example conigs because, as of the 
time they are released, they are recomended or suggested.  But they may 
not be the "default" behavior (for people who upgrade from previous 
configs, or who use "minimal" configs) either because of backcompat 
concerns, or because some explicit choices are needed when configuring.

ie: there is no default autoCommit hardcoded in solr, but the example 
includes a suggested autoCommit configuration.

If your solrconfig.xml has not <updateLog> tag, then you will not have 
updateLog enabled.  that is what "not enabled by default" means


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