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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: UUIDField uniqueKey with default="NEW"
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2012 00:38:27 GMT

: I tested this approach (At revision 1379678) and it seems working. I can 
: see generated values. e.g. <str 
: name="uniqueKey">a259aa91-353f-4824-9f68-01837b721cf7</str>

Hmmm... on a single node instance it might work -- but i'm pretty sure 
it's just "tricking" the processing chain into thinking the uniqueKey for 
the document is "NEW" (literally the string "NEW") and then later in the 
processing the logic in UUIDField is replacing it with a new value.

If you tried to do that in SolrCloud, every document in your index would 
be routed to a single shard (based on the hash value of the string "NEW") 
and most of your documents would be un-deletable by id -- because your 
request to delete "a259aa91-353f-4824-9f68-01837b721cf7" would be routed 
to a diff shared then the one where the document wound up when Solr 
thought it's id was "NEW"


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