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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: being a good citizen is hard when you can't successfully run tests....
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:58:34 GMT
On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 11:10 PM, Mark Miller <> wrote:
> I get value from this test - if it was disabled, I'd probably re-enable it.
> would be great if it didn't fail so much, but the type of fail tells me
> something.

That means the assert in question isnt important at all. I'll remove it.

Again my problem is the idea that having a failing build is "ok"
because certain types of failures "don't matter". If they dont matter
they should be removed.

It causes a ton of noise when people are lazy about tests in this way,
and it wastes a ton of peoples time. R

Remember every time one of these tests fails it sends an email, that I
must read (we don't yet have a way to put in the subject header its a
SOLR test fail versus a LUCENE one, or i'd filter the solr ones and
not be complaining as much).


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