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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: being a good citizen is hard when you can't successfully run tests....
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 15:17:23 GMT
This message just means that the test is running. Possibly it hung and will
not return possibly it just runs for a long time. This message is practical
because if you're running on multiple forked jvms there is no way to pipe
their output to a single console sybchronously.

I don't think the test framework is to blame here. Some of the tests are
just flaky. I've tried to exclude them from a normal test run a few times
but this was received with mixed response. See the archives.


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On Sep 16, 2012 4:55 PM, "Erick Erickson" <> wrote:

> Unit tests are good. We all know that. But I'm becoming increasingly
> frustrated at trying to run them. I've been working on LUCENE-4326 for
> a while (ok, intermittently, but...). I've been almost unable to
> successfully run "ant test" at the top level, I'm back to the message:
> HEARTBEAT J1: 2012-09-16T10:19:32, no events in:  183s, approx. at:
> TestReplicationHandler.test
> going on forever, or at least 1,800+ seconds and counting right now. I
> have no clue what it means to terminate the test run at this point.
> Are there tests that haven't been run yet that won't get run if I
> ctrl-C? I don't know....
> OK, I can wait for a long time and hope it terminates sometime, which
> it has in the past. Eventually. Maybe. Which makes trying to actually
> _use_ the tests frustrating at best and I would guess intimidating as
> hell for people who do even less coding than I do...
> I can terminate the tests and grep for "reproduce with" or "FAILURE"
> in the output file. I can run any failing tests on an unaltered branch
> (which may well miss stuff if the tests terminate without
> completing).... I can do a lot of things that involve checking in code
> without successfully doing what it says on the "how to contribute"
> page. I see a build target "jenkins-hourly" that seems promising, is
> it enough? If so, I'll change the "how to contribute" page....
> So what's the story? Given the pace that fixes flow into the system,
> others aren't having the trouble I'm having or no new code would get
> checked in. So I've got to assume there's a process that's not
> documented that people are using in order to make progress. If there
> is such a process, we need to make it plain on the "How to contribute"
> page, not have it be something that each of us has to create our own
> private way of coping. Or fix the system so this doesn't happen all
> the time (Yeah, I know, I should feel free <G>).
> I'm about to adopt the policy that I'll run any failing tests on the
> code on an unaltered tree and if they fail on the unaltered tree I'll
> check stuff in anyway. That's poor policy at best, and on the way to
> "the hell with the testing" as an attitude. Testing is getting in the
> way of progress in my case, not helping me not break things.
> Or my particular system (OS x, Lion) is just screwed up and I've been
> too lazy to dig enough to understand why...
> Erick@FrustratedOnASundayMorning
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