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From Gora Mohanty <>
Subject Re: Regarding Search
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:46:53 GMT
On 20/09/2012, darshan <> wrote:
> 		The result on search on indexing database by hitting link
> :- http://localhost:8983/solr/db/dataimport?command=full-import
> 				<str name="Total Requests made to
> DataSource">1</str>
> 				<str name="Total Rows Fetched">4</str>
> 				<str name="Total Documents Skipped">0</str>
> 				<str name="Full Dump Started">2012-09-20
> 18:28:47</str>
> 				<str name="">
> 				Indexing completed. Added/Updated: 0
> documents. Deleted 0 documents.

There is your problem right there. No documents were added
to the Solr index, though four rows were fetched.

To try to figure out why, please share with us your schema.xml.
Try out the query directly against the database to see what
exactly is fetched. Also, I would check the column names in
your database, and the field names in your DIH config. file: The
case of the names matters.


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