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From Biff Baxter <>
Subject need best solution for indexing and searching multiple, related database tables
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2012 21:58:56 GMT
I have a requirement to search multiple, related database tables.  Sometimes
I need to join two tables, sometimes three or four and possibly more.  The
tables will generally store structured data related to individuals or
organizations.  This will include things like company, contact and address
tables and may include other child tables like products, assets, etc.  It is
something of a moving target.  Record counts are commonly in the tens of
millions but can be upwards of a few hundred million or even much more.

My understanding is that denormalization is most commonly the preferred
solution.  For two tables that is pretty straightforward.  For three or four
or more tables, or many to many relationships, and depending on the record
counts, this can generate a lot of redundant data, indexing time, etc.

Any information on the best way to design a single approach to this problem
or any options I might employ like faceted search, NoSQL (based on my
limited research I am guessing this is not a solution), etc. would be
greatly appreciated.

Answers that are terribly obvious, even to a newb, are a tiny bit annoying. 
Things like “you should test several scenarios” or “there is no one good
solution”.  But I don’t want to sound unappreciative.  I really do
appreciate any suggestions that would help me solve this problem.


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