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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: large messages from Jenkins failures
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 21:42:20 GMT

: I didn't say that. I said the opposite - that having imperfect tests
: (or rather tests that cannot be fixed for whatever reason) discourages
: from looking at test failures and makes one just unsubscribe from the
: jenkins mails. If this is the case then yes, I think not having a test
: like that at all is better than having it.

As i've said before...

Running these problematic tests in jenkins on machines like is still very helpful because in many cases folks are 
unable to reproduce the failures anywhere else (or in some cases: some 
people can reproduce them, but not the people who have the 
knowledge/energy to fix them)

If folks are concerned that certian tests fail to frequently to be
considered "stable" and included in the main build, then let's:

 1) slap a special "@UnstableTest" annotation on them
 2) set up a new jenkins job that *only* runs these @UnstableTest jobs
 3) configure this new jenkins job to not send any email

...seems like that would satisfy everyone right?


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