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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: large messages from Jenkins failures
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 19:57:11 GMT
> Another option is to redirect solr fails to a different mailing list
> that only those that care about solr development can follow.

I don't make a distinction between solr and lucene development, call me odd.
I did try to help with those few tests (and I fixed some others) but no luck.

> Tests that fail a small percent of the time are still hugely valuable
> (i.e. when they fail for a different reason than usual, or they start
> failing much more often).  Simply disabling them is far worse for the
> project.

I don't agree with you here. I think having two or three failures
daily from the same test (and typically with the same message) is far
worse than not having it at all. You get used to having failing tests
and this is bad. A test failure should be a red flag, something you
eagerly look into because you're curious about what happened. I
stopped having that feeling after a while, this seems bad to me.


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