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From Tanguy Moal <>
Subject Re: Diversifying Search Results - Custom Collector
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 15:32:56 GMT
Sorry then, my approach really disables pagination jumps. You're left with
the 'next' button only, or an "infinite-scroll" type of pagination, which
may not be what you wanted to do...

Did you try disabling tf/idf and using random field as a secondary sort ?
I'm pretty sure it will give you the best results with best efforts.
If you like the results and need re-playable results sets, remember to
store the name you gave to your dynamic random field so you can re-use it
later on.


2012/8/21 Karthick Duraisamy Soundararaj <>

> Hello Tanguy,
>                         I need pagination. The problem with your approach
> is that, to achieve pagination, you need to do a sort at application level
> for sorting rather than at the solr level which I think would become messy.
> Do you see a way around this?
> Thanks,
> Karthick
> On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Tanguy Moal <>wrote:
>> Hello Karthick,
>> 2012/8/21 Karthick Duraisamy Soundararaj <>
>>>  *"Find all the highest scoring document for each manufacuturer in the
>>> current result set and place them ahead of the rest. Here as you can see,
>>> the idea is to display one product from each unique manufacturer first"*.
>>> Now to decide how many unique manufacturer to show before the normal
>>> ordering can be determined relative to the total number of unique
>>> manufacturers. Like for example, if there are 90 unique manufacturers,
>>> display products from 45 (approx 50%) first before displaying the rest of
>>> the products.
>> That's exactly what grouping will do. At least for the first sentence.
>> You can ask for many items in each group, display only the first and store
>> the others "somewhere", for later use. When you reach your "merchant
>> representation  threshold" (say 50% of total number of groups) then you can
>> start picking the items you stored "somewhere" to display them at randomly
>> chosen positions. That won't help pagination, though.
>> Could that help you ?

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