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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject Restructuring of Jenkins finished
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 10:51:53 GMT

Robert and I opened LUCENE-4187 to restructure the Jenkins builds and to get
rid of shell scripts, which make it hard to configure Jenkins on non-ASF
I ported all shell scripts over to top-level build.xml targets:

- ant jenkins-hourly: this one runs the hourly test runs (it also does
nightly, if you set -Dtest.nightly=true). Be sure to configure this as a
Jenkins ANT build step using ANT 1.8.2. Also use "Advanced" options to set
several properties: test.jvms and tests.multiplier, also maybe
tests.nightly. This task also checks for nocommits/@author tags and verifies
that the checkout is clean after running tests (like the shell scripts did
before with crazy find/grep/...)
- ant jenkins-clover: this one runs the clover tasks. Be sure to enable
-Drun.clover=true and -Dtests.jvms=1 (it's not yet done automatically, I may
do this using subant in a later stage). In the Jenkins config you also have
to select ANT_OPTS with maaaaaany memory -Xmx1536M, otherwise reporting

ASF Jenkins now has more jpobs than before, because all steps are done as
separate jobs, depending on each other:
- The first ones (running at 2:03 and 14:03) are
Lucene-Solr-test-only-*-nightly. When those are finished, Jenkins triggers
automatically Lucene-*-artifacts, this one triggers Solr-*-artifacts. Those
tasks are building the artifacts (package and maven) using the official ANT
task and publish them with Javadocs through Jenkins.
- The clover task is run every 2 days currently, it's a clone of the hourly
task, but with clover enabled (see above)
- Once per week (Sat, Sun) we run the Smoke tester.

I updated the websites and wiki to point to the new locations. The remaining
thing is to clean up Steven's Maven Job to use ANT+MAVEN directly without
shell script.

The SDDS Jenkins server also has randomization of JDKs (Oracle, IBM,
JRockit; Java 6/7/8; 32bit/64bit). Unfortunately this does not work on ASF,
as we have no access to Jenkins Master to configure EnvInject plugin with
custom Groovy scripts. Also the plugin installed at ASF is way too outdated.



Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

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