Is that a 4 second or 0.4 second wait?

You can benchmark the different collectors yourself.

CMS is probably the best choice. 

If you have more heap than you need, then the collections will be longer than necessary. At some point, the collector has to look at all of the heap and that is slow. Try reducing the heap size.

You really should use a tool that graphs the GC behavior. Make sure that you have a big enough nursery (or whatever Sun calls it) to handle all of the temporary storage for for each HTTP request. You want all of that to be reclaimed in the minor collections. If per-request storage is allocated in tenured space, that means the next major GC will be sooner than necessary.


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We are getting large Solr pauses on Java garbage collection in 1.6 Java.

We have tried CMS. But we still have. 4 second wait on GC.

What works well for Solr when using 16 GB of RAM?

I have read lots of articles and now just looking for practical advise and examples.

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