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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: jira tracking of issues fixed in 4.0-ALPHA
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 23:24:10 GMT

: Subject: RE: jira tracking of issues fixed in 4.0-ALPHA

FYI: I finally got a cahnce to deal with this today, and (of course) 
realized it wa more complicated then Uwe and i had originally thought -- 
for people interested in the specifics, the details of exactly what were 
done are listed at the bottom (i worked it out with Uwe on IRC).

In short: it was a huge pain in the ass.

The lesson to learn here is that if/when we release a 4.0-BETA we should 
  1) rename "4.0" to "4.0-BETA" in jira and mark it released
  2) add a new "4.0"

...if we had done that for 4.0-ALPHA it would have prevented lots of 
headaches and saved ~2 hours of time

	---- How Hoss Spent His Day -----

In Jira project admin for both SOLR and LUCENE...

1) merge version "4.0-ALPHA" -> "4.0"
   - do this instead of delete to preserve "affects=4.0-ALPHA"

2) rename version "4.0" to "4.0-ALPHA"
   - keeps the versionId for (old) 4.0 and gives it to 4.0-ALPHA

3) add a new version "4.0"

4) bulk update "resolution=unresolved && fixVersion=4.0-ALPHA" -> set fixVersion=4.0
   - do this before marking 4.0-ALPHA as "released"
   - if jira does it automaticly there is no way to stop emails
   - use "hoss20120711-bulk-40-change" in comment

5) mark "4.0-ALPHA" as "released" 

6) manually update any issues listed in CHANGES after Alpha to set fixVersion=4.0
   - use "hoss20120711-manual-post-40alpha-change" in comment

Issues manually edited...


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