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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.6.0 javadocs are missing from the site
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 18:03:02 GMT

: > My primary concern is that as long as there are "current" javadocs
: > somewhere, then /solr/api/.* should redirect to them so that existing
: > linkages don't break.  it's trivial to keep up to date, and it doesn't
: > hurt anything.
: i dont think we should have a 'current' javadocs link anywhere.

Now we're just repeating ourselves.  here i'll paste my comment again...

> If your concern is purely that we should stop linking to "unversioned"
> urls like /solr/api/.../Foo.html then fine -- for the most part that will
> happen as a natural course of events anyway since the redirect will start
> always sending people a specific version URL anyway.  If you want to
> proactively go through all the wiki docs and switch all "/api/..." links
> to "/api-4_0_0-ALPHA/..." you're certianly free to do that.  (Are you
> going to volunteer to manualy keep updating them every release?)

...if you don't think that we, as a project, should linke to something 
like "/solr/api/..." fine - i own't argue that.

i'm saying that we should leave the redirect in place so existing 
docs/bookmarks/webpages/search engines won't get 404s

that's all i'm saying.

you want to add other major version redirects, or update wiki links, or 
anything else, knock yourself out.

i'm perfectly happy with the /solr/api-3_6_0/ and /solr/api-4_.../ links 
moving forward, i just don't wnat ot break existing URLs for people.


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