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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.6.0 javadocs are missing from the site
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 17:52:51 GMT

: > Well then you and i have radically differnet opinions about SEO and good
: > long term URL practices.
: clearly we do: i care about documentation not having broken links.
: but linking to api/ is fucked up. Those links *will break* when the api changes.

Some of the existing URLs will start 404ing if/when classes/methods are 
gradually removed, that is true -- but if you delete the redirect then 
*ALL* of the URLs will start 404 immediately, even though we do in fact 
have a place we could easily redirect them.  Thats just plain 

If your concern is purely that we should stop linking to "unversioned" 
urls like /solr/api/.../Foo.html then fine -- for the most part that will 
happen as a natural course of events anyway since the redirect will start 
always sending people a specific version URL anyway.  If you want to 
proactively go through all the wiki docs and switch all "/api/..." links 
to "/api-4_0_0-ALPHA/..." you're certianly free to do that.  (Are you 
going to volunteer to manualy keep updating them every release?)

My primary concern is that as long as there are "current" javadocs 
somewhere, then /solr/api/.* should redirect to them so that existing 
linkages don't break.  it's trivial to keep up to date, and it doesn't 
hurt anything.  

If I die, and no one else thinks editing those 6 bytes is worth the 
effort to keep them working, knock yourself out nad delete them

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