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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject jira tracking of issues fixed in 4.0-ALPHA
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 17:56:08 GMT

Now that we have a 4.0-ALPHA version listed in Jira, it will be easy in 
the future to record if a bug affected 4.0-ALPHA but was fixed in 4.0 

For all of the existing issues however ... things are complicated.

I was hoping to do a Bulk edit of all issues matching this query...
 	status = Resolved and
 	resolutiondate < '2012-06-25 18:59' and
 	fixVersion = '4.0'

...and add "fixVersion=4.0-ALPHA" to those issues (that date corrisponds 
to the svn r# rmuir used for the alpha).  The problem with this is that it 
will obliterate the entire fixVersion field -- so if an issue currently 
says "fixVersion=3.6, 4.0" we will lose the information that it was fixed 
in 3.6.

that seems worse then just leaving things alone.

I considered briefly that we could add a "label" to all of the issues, but 
bulk editing labels has the same behavior -- all existing labels are 
deleted, and it looks like we have about 60 resolved 4.0 issues that 
actaully have labels on them (how important those are i don't know)

So I'm not sure that there is anything we can really do here.

Anyone have any suggestions for ways we can *add* 4.0-ALPHA to the 
fixVersion for the 1000+ jira issues where it's appropriate?

(feel free to SOLR-3590 as a test issue for bulk updates, that's why i 
created it)


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