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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] define what/when a 4.0-beta should be
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 18:03:42 GMT
On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 1:25 PM, Mark Miller <> wrote:
> I thought you might be pressing for a final release sooner rather than later, so mid
August is my plea for the soonest date. I can take advantage of more time for sure. At the
same time, I'm hoping we release by the end of the summer - but I thought you were in a larger
hurry than me. I'd be even more ready at the end of august then the middle of it.

I'm not in a hurry: except i dont want us to just sit around and drag
it on until next year, for the final to then look nothing like the
alpha :)

> I don't mind either of your two options.
> I'd be fine with dropping a beta that hits start of august or sooner, or just working
towards 4 at the end of august. I don't have any strong feelings about that - I just vote
we do final release mid august *earliest*.

ok cool, i think i would plan on maybe trying to get an RC for the
beta out next week or so. I don't want to commit to lucene api back
compat yet, I would like to just leave the guarantees the same for
now: if you think solr HTTP back compat is ok thing to do, i'll go
with your judgement there, I dont understand the details of all the
tradeoffs involved.

but if we commit to lucene api back compat, then thats no different
than a final release and will take longer I think to get everyone
happy with it going out (its a lot to commit to).


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