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From Egor Pahomov <>
Subject Problems with tests with short-living SolrCore.
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 11:31:30 GMT
    Hello, during testing my solr-based application, I've faced a very
unexpected exception. SolrCore() trying to manage it's searchers, but does
it not well. During constructor, SolrCore invocates getSearcher(), which
create thread for registering new searcher. But in the same thread SolCore
works with EventListeners. So it happened such thing: SolrCore opened,
creates SolrIndexSearcher, doesn't register it, core closed without closing
 _searcher, tests failed with
"java.lang.AssertionError: ERROR: SolrIndexSearcher opens=1 closes=0"

   For our code, I just do commit in the begging of every test. But I have
suggestion for fixing this problem:

   Is this really a problem? Is it possible to make changes in solr-3.4 to
fix this problem?

  Egor Pahomov.

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