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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Question about uncaught exceptions with timeouts/ interrupts.
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 14:55:51 GMT
A question probing your expectations -- I can't decide, really.

So, imagine any of these scenarios:

1) a test case or a suite times out and leaves background threads running,
2) a test completes and leaves background threads running,

The framework will try to Thread.interrupt() all leaked threads. I
expect this may result in exceptions being propagated up the stack,
possibly up to uncaught exception handler level. Normally uncaught
exceptions would be reported to the console and queued to be included
as a test failure but since we've timed out (or we know it's a thread
leak) these exceptions don't seem to be of any real value, right?

So, the question is: should any uncaught exceptions be reported at all
times (possibly obscuring the original cause of the problem) or should
they be suppressed after a timeout/ known thread leak occurred?

I've been thinking a about it for a while and I think they should be
suppressed. I don't see any real value in knowing something failed
after an external call to interrupt().

As a side note -- in the next release when background leaked threads
cannot be cleaned up (interrupted), any remaining tests will be
ignored. There is simply no reliable way to properly "clean up" the
environment then and assure no background noise (other than restarting
the JVM).


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