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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: SynonymFilter, FST, and Aho-Corasick algorithm
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 19:34:08 GMT
> Thats more sophisticated than what we do with the javadocs
> "linksource" option in the demo.

We don't even sometimes include full sources of these snippets. They
are demonstrational and we just want to make sure they compile/ run
cleanly (that's why they're typically part of tests, not core

> But your "view source" button seems to also do this? So we would just

I believe that's js/css magic but I'm not sure.

> I like this solution... how much code is it... can we have it?

Sure. Staszek put it together, it's really nothing fancy. We only have
a binary in c2 repository but I'm sure we can make it available --
I'll ask Staszek to put it on github. One thing I forgot was that we
generate that overview from an XML/XSL file (using xincludes) and this
is probably an overkill for Lucene. I'd be much faster/ easier to just
html-ize those snippets and include them directly with replacement
patterns (even an ANT copy/filter would do here).


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