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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Interrupting IndexWriter#close(true)
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2012 17:15:44 GMT
Currently, interrupting IndexWriter#close(true) - which should wait for background merges to
finish - causes #close to return while background merges are still running.

There is a test that fails occasionally because of this. This is because it's using logic
like this:

try {
} finally {

Background merges will still try and use that directory though. Part of wanting to wait for
them to finish is so that you know when it's safe to close the directory.

So what is the proper way to address this?

Merge threads that throw an exception - even if it's harmless - will fail the test framework.

Should Lucene act differently? Should #close not be interruptible? Should it make sure merge
threads are killed before it bails on interrupt?

Or should the test framework be able to ignore some background thread exceptions?

Or is there some option I'm missing?

- Mark Miller

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