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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: Possible test framework improvement
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 08:41:34 GMT
> NOTE: All tests run in this JVM: [TestArabicFilters,
> SoftAutoCommitTest, TestPatternTokenizerFactory, NoCacheHeaderTest,
> SpellingQueryConverterTest,

I think (didn't check) this is printed from within a single JVM (a
rule in LuceneTestCase, actually), not by the framework.

> So how about if something similar was printed from different aspect:
> NOTE: All tests that were running at the same time: [TestA, TestB, TestC]

I think this would be noisy -- if you have multiple jvms it's normal
that they execute concurrently so there'd be a lot of overlap. I admit
it crossed my mind at some point to add a "gantt-like" chart of tests
execution flow over forked jvms to the html5 report. This is doable
and would be probably clearer to investigate compared to textual
output. Something for version 2.0 :)


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